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Whitney came for a visit to Missoula

Another wonderful vacation with family! I am so lucky to have had my sister Whitney up here in Missoula. She came Thursday and we immedeatly went camping. Danielle, Whitney, Kya, Lucy and I went camping in Rockcreek. We passed a few camp grounds and looked at all of them to find the perfect one for us. We found one that had a table, portorpotty not to far away and nice soft patch to put the tent up a good distance from other campsites and food/cars. There were a bunch of shooting stars that we looked for both nights. We made smores, hung out in the creek, and used the hamics. We came back really late friday night deciding not to stay and pack up the next morning. Everything was dry so we were able to just put stuff away instead of drying everything out. We borrowed bikes from Currents and rode the bike trail to the university. Biked around the university and then further on the bike trail. Got ice cream at the Big Dipper and went to the sweets barn. She was missing her family by today and I miss her already. It is times like these I kinda wished we still lived in Arizona just to be close to family. I'd miss all the awesome hikes, creeks and river, and cooler temperatures.

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